Film Audio Mixing (Premiere Platinum Package)-


Premiere Audio Post-Production

Flat Rate Service For Cinemas, Broadcast & All Visual Development

Professional stereo sound mixing and audio post-production for your film using high-quality sound effects, detailed editing, sound restoration, sound sweetening, and recreating all the ideal ambiances.

This gold package enables you to show your project in film festivals, theaters, conferences, seminars, and events that require strict sound specs and quality control.

  • 2 Grammy-certified music licensing compositions, 2-month utilization.
  • Premiere cinema mixing for theaters, film festivals & media promos.
  • Mr. Aaron Reppert trained with Mr. Calvin Roberts for sound design for Star Wars Cinemas “ Return Of The Sixth & Return Of The Clones. Will Contribute Over 20 Years Of Expertise In Visual & Sound Design and Evaluate Your Project.
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes of feature film
  • Dialog Editing | With Noise Reduction
  • Paramount Sound Design
  • Crystalizing Mixing & Audio-All Errors In Sound
  • Audio sweetening and enhancement.
  • 2.0 Master format delivery.
  • 4 Hours of Foley Recording
  • 4 Hours ADR Recording



  1. Select your package and make the purchase.
  2. Complementary project evaluation to discuss your project with us in detail.
  3. Approve your project.
  4. Send your prepared audio file(s).
  5. Project start: Within 7 to 30 days (depending on the selected package), we’ll send you an audio mix embedded along with the video for review.
  6. Completion: Upon approval, you will get the final high-quality wav file mix and stems.


Sound Design

  • Sound design and sound effects composition using quality sound libraries.

Noise Reduction

  • Removing clicks, mic hits, pops, rustle, hiss, and background noises.


  • You get 4 complimentary revisions. Additional revisions are $20/each.

Stereo Mixing

  • Stereo audio mixing for all types of film or media projects.

Turnaround Time

  • 7 to 30-day delivery (Depending on selected package)


  • Audio encoding and file delivery in the desired format for film release.


  • Audio mastering for the desired end product such as theater, DVD, Blu-ray, or streaming. online services are electronic non-physical or irreversible goods. With this aspect, orders can not be physically returned or exchanged after being downloaded by the Customer.

Your project is important to us and we believe in keeping our Customers satisfied. If you are unsatisfied with our service or results, we are willing to make changes and adjustments free of charge to fulfill the project in good faith.

Reasons for FULL refund

  • You ordered and paid for a service but did not use the service within 30 days of the payment date. This includes not providing us with the session files or required project materials and your project has not begun. After 30 days, we may opt to automatically refund your payment.
  • You ordered and paid for a service, however, your project can not be fulfilled because of file delivery issues to us, technical issues, or situations out of our control that hinders completing the project in a timely and professional manner.

Reasons for a partial refund

  • You ordered and paid for a package, received your first file(s) but do not wish to proceed with the project for any reason. You will receive a 50% refund or credit of the total package price. The file(s) you received will be considered final and will not be revised until a new package or add-on is purchased to continue.

Reasons a refund Will NOT be honored

  • You ordered and paid for a package, received your first file(s), revisions, and confirmed you are satisfied with the project or asked to proceed to approval.
  • You ordered and paid for a package, and your project has been completed, uploaded, and sent successfully.
  • You ordered and paid for a package, received your first file(s), revisions, and did not respond after 30 days. The project will be considered completed and final.

Depending on the situation where a refund can not be issued, shop credits for services in the amount determined by TravSonic will be issued. These shop credits can only be redeemed for services at By processing an order, you automatically agree to all of these terms.

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